Austin Community College District’s (ACC) Fast Track Training Program, aimed at getting Central Texans into high-demand career fields, surpassed its lofty enrollment goals for the spring and summer. The college’s 50-percent tuition discount program for Continuing Education (CE) Fast Track courses has been extended for another year due to its success. 

The tuition discount launched summer 2020 in response to growing under- and unemployment rates in the region. In its first semester, 13 CE programs identified as among the most in-demand were eligible for the discount. By fall 2020, the college expanded the discount to additional CE fast track programs and enrollment grew to 513 students in fall 2020. The college set an ambitious goal to double enrollment over the prior spring to 800 students by spring 2021. It surpassed that goal with an actual spring 2021 enrollment of 987 students (134% growth).

“The landscape of higher education is transforming. There’s a growing demand for flexible learning programs, and community colleges are in a unique position to make this happen,” says Dr. Richard Rhodes, ACC chancellor. “I’m proud of the work happening here, and the data are proof that we’re on the right track. These fast-track careers are just the beginning.” 

This semester, the college extended the discount to 26 of the 29 available fast track programs and set a goal to double summer enrollment from 256 in summer 2020 to 500 in summer 2021. As of July 12, 2021, the college surpassed its goal with an enrollment of 575 (125% growth).

The discount will now continue to be available through spring 2022.

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