The commitment to shared governance at ACC entails a commitment to the effective use of participatory governing councils and committees to draw upon the expertise of the members of the ACC community and represent the stakeholders within ACC in the process of governing the college and guiding it toward fulfillment of its mission. Each year, employee associations elect representatives to serve on various councils and committees.

Faculty associations announced their leadership teams for the 2021-2022 academic year.


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President: Don Morris, General Studies & Student Development
Vice President/President-Elect: Christie Carr, English & Student Development
Past President: Christina Michura, Communication Studies
Communications Officer: Dr. Ping Chu, Psychology & Sociology
Secretary: Dr. Chris De La Ronde, Psychology & Sociology
Treasurer: Amber Luttig-Buonodono, English
Parliamentarian: Vacant

Adjunct Faculty Campus Representatives


Michelle Iskra, English

Distance Education

Dr. Desiree Leistiko, Humanities
Valeria Flint, Psychology
Roy “Luke” Garza, Creative Writing

Dual Credit/ECHS

Alex Watkins, English
Chris Parker, Student Development


Dr. Mollie Nelson, Allied Health Sciences
Franklin Marciales, Hospitality, Meeting & Event Planning, Tourism


Jim Christianson, Accounting
Gaye Shook-Hughes, Psychology




Charity Benford, Student Development
Dr. Kevin Clark, Communication Studies

Rio Grande



Marc Jimenez, Student Development
Dr. Sam Donaldson, Psychology

Round Rock

Dr. Herb Coleman, Psychology
Qaiser Imam, Mathematics

South Austin

Adrian de la Rosa, Sociology
Aimee Irene Finney, Communication Studies

San Gabriel

Marissa Burill, Student Development



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President: Samantha Ackers, Academic Coach, Learning Labs
President-Elect: Courtney Grams, Director, Faculty Communication
Past-President: Lauren Sebel, Director, Student Accessibility Services
Communications Officer: Paul Mason, Project Manager, Facilities & Construction
Secretary/Treasurer: Linda Eguiluz, Coordinator, Student Money Management Office

Shared Governance Representatives

Academic and Student Affairs Council

Latisha Addison, Supervisor, Campus Financial Aid

Administrative Services Council

Latisha Addison, Supervisor, Campus Financial Aid
Daniel Chupe-O’Hanlon, Analyst, Institutional Research

Assessment and Advising Committee

Dr. Shih-Ting Lee, Manager, Faculty Evaluation

College Accessibility Committee

Abigail Garza, Specialist, Career & Transfer

College-Wide Technology and Capital Outlay Committee

Marc Petrick, Manager, Student Technology Services

Curriculum and Programs

Tomi Welch, Manager, Degree Audit and Graduation Services

Distance Learning Committee

Dr. Rachel Barrera, Instructional Designer

Enrollment Services Committee

Leticia Farrera, Coordinator, Career Pathways Programs

Faculty Development and Evaluation Committee

Dr. Richard Griffiths, Analyst, Institutional Research

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Laurin Lewis, Specialist, Area of Study Senior Advising



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President: Matthew Campbell, Executive Assistant I, Academic Programs
President-Elect: Cameron Keel, Coordinator, Performance Management
Past President: Miguel DeLeon, Executive Assistant I, Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED)
Communications Officer: Kimberly Anderson, Administrative Assistant III, Liberal Arts: Humanities & Communications
Secretary/Treasurer: Elihu Arzate, Senior Administrative Assistant, Liberal Arts: Social Sciences


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President: Dr. Samantha Croft, Biology
President-Elect: Dr. Nancy Stano, Student Development
Past President: Dr. Wayne Butler, Business, Government, & Technical Communications
Parliamentarian, Secretary, Treasurer, and Communications Officers will be announced in the fall.

Full-Time Faculty Campus Senators


Dr. Lei Ji, Economics


Dr. Melissa De Los Santos, Vocational Nursing


Emily Olson, Student Affairs


Gloria Sutton, Student Affairs


Dr. Blanca Alvarado, Sociology


Howard Sharp, Student Affairs

Rio Grande

Jodi Oates, American Sign Language Interpreter Training


David Chavez, Auto Technology & Outdoor Power Equipment

Round Rock

Dr. Dan Dydek, Psychology

San Gabriel

Ralph Hooper, Computer Information Technology

South Austin

Dr. Elizabeth Frye, Integrated Reading & Writing

High School


Full-Time Faculty Dean Area Senators

Liberal Arts: HC


Liberal Arts: SB

Dr. Missi Patterson, Psychology

Science, Engineering & Math

Dr. Ana Maria Valle-Rivera, Biology

Arts, Digital Media & Communications



Liz Hundley, Hospitality, Meeting & Event Planning, Tourism

Computer Science & Information Technology

Dr. Karina Hernandez, Computer Science

Design, Manufacturing, Construction & Applied Technologies


Health Sciences

Dr. Yolanda Hall, Vocational Nursing

Public and Social Services


Student Affairs

Sharon Goh, Student Affairs

Library Services

Lola Watters, Library Services

Full-Time Faculty At Large Senators

Slot 1

Dr. Eduardo Garcia, Student Development

Slot 2

Jesse Saunders, Library Services

Slot 3

Edgar Granillo, Student Development

Slot 4

Heather Syrett, Student Development

Slot 5

Dr. Sam Echevarria-Cruz, Sociology

Slot 6

Irineu Glajar, Mathematics

Slot 7

Dr. Jack O’Grady, Biology

Slot 8

Jordan Forbes Hagan, Library Services

Slot 9

Kathryn Patton, Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiology

* No candidates. Position has been converted to at-large to be filled via special election.


Contributed by Courtney Grams, TLED Communications Director