Austin Community College District (ACC) continues its work to develop high-quality online learning programs. Since fall 2020, seven additional courses received national Quality Matters (QM) certification, bringing the college’s total to 11 QM-certified courses. 

“Quality Matters certification signifies to the students that the course meets rigorous standards and best practices in online education,” says Dr. Gretchen Riehl, ACC’s associate vice president of Workforce Education. “I am proud of the work done by our faculty to meet these criteria in order to serve our students better.”

The following courses received QM certification in the last few months:

  • HPRS 1171 – Student Success for Health Professional 
  • PSYC 2301 – Introduction to Psychology 
  • HPRS 2301 – Pathophysiology 
  • BIOL1408 – Biology I for Non-Science Majors 
  • HMSY 1337 – Introduction to Homeland Security
  • PHRA 1243 – Pharmacy Technician Certification Review 
  • MLAB 1101 – Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science

All of the courses in ACC’s Allied Health Sciences department have now been approved, making it the only department at the college that is fully QM approved. 

With the approval of HMSY 1337, ACC’s Public and Social Services division has received its first national QM certification.

Six other courses also have been submitted for QM certification and are now under review. More details will be shared once announced.