The Austin Community College District (ACC) has completed its 2021 market study review process. Based on the results, the ACC HR Compensation Team recommended $2.5 million in market adjustments for hundreds of non-faculty positions to ensure the college is offering competitive salaries.

As required annually by ACC’s Board Policy, the Compensation Team started a non-faculty market study in spring 2021 for implementation in fiscal year 2022. A Market Study Review Committee composed of 12 administrators, Classified Employee Association members, and Association of Professional-Technical Employee members was formed to help conduct benchmark reviews and provide feedback and transparency for the process.

A total of 631 unique jobs at the college were reviewed by the market study committee. The jobs were matched by function/purpose, and 183 benchmark positions were established. Benchmarks are defined as jobs that are found in the marketplace and represent a good cross-section of the institution (i.e., accountant, groundskeeper, buyer, advising specialist, etc.).

Based on the study findings: 

  • 624 employees were recommended for a pay range change but no salary change since they are already at or above market.
  • 465 employees were recommended for both pay range and salary change adjustments to the market.
  • 135 jobs were recommended for pay range changes.

As reported by the Compensation Team, factors impacting the number of pay range changes and salary changes required as a result of the FY21 non-faculty market study include:

  • Non-faculty pay ranges were not adjusted for FY21 as had been done in previous years due to the smaller annual increase that was given after September 1. Moving pay ranges upward each year tends to keep pay ranges moving closer to the market, requiring fewer market adjustments when reviewed.
  • Salaries in the Austin market are very strong as more companies announce their moves to Austin and unemployment in the area moves steadily downward. This has led to a number of the pay range changes, especially in the IT-related areas.
  • Benchmarks for the administrative/clerical positions as well as the student affairs assistant positions show an upward movement, impacting large groups of employees at ACC.