Rio Grande Campus Renovations
By Paul Mason, Rio Grande Renovations Project Manager

The Rio Grande Campus Main Building Renovation Project was deemed substantially complete on March 1, 2021. Since then, the construction team, Bartlett Cocke, has been reviewing and addressing the architectural punch list items. The crew is about 85 percent complete in addressing the several thousand comments made in the list. We project the completion of the vast majority of the punch by the end of June, at which point our team will re-walk and re-inspect to verify completion. In summary, the original project is about done.

Now, we transition to renovations within parts of the main building, particularly on Levels 0 and 1, to refine configurations for Library Services, the ACCelerator, and CIS instructional and support space. These renovations will continue over the next seven months with substantial completion targeted for the end of November 2021.  

Updated photos will be available next month.