Austin Community College (ACC) offers a variety of support services to help students stay ahead in class. The college’s goal is to provide free, confidential, and convenient academic support. Programs are free to all students and include tutoring and weekend study groups among others.

Online Learning Lab Tutors
Tutoring is done with ACC personnel and/or a Brainfuse coach. ACC’s Online Learning Lab (OLL) tutors are dedicated professionals who create supportive and enriched online environments to assist students when they need them. OLL Tutors are available to support students both online and in person. In-person tutoring is now available at HLC on a limited basis. Students are required to request an appointment online.

Weekend Study Groups
The college also provides opportunities for students to study virtually with peers in an ACC Learning Lab Weekend Study Group.

Get Started: Brainfuse
All ACC students are eligible for 300 minutes (5 hours) of free online tutoring services with Brainfuse each semester. To schedule a session with a Brainfuse tutor, follow these steps:
1. Login into Blackboard.
2. From your Blackboard home page, locate the Tools menu, and then click on Brainfuse Tutoring.
3. Once in the Brainfuse Tutoring platform, select a type of session and wait for a tutor to respond.
4. Attend your tutoring session when scheduled.
5. Click here for additional information on Brainfuse 24/7, 5 hour limit.

Get Started: Unlimited ACC Tutoring
A pre-scheduled appointment with an ACC tutor is unlimited. To get started, follow these steps:
1. View our Tutoring Schedules for ACC tutor work hours
2. Complete the Online Tutoring Request Form
3. Wait time will vary according to subject and tutor availability.
4. Check your ACC student email for an invite to a tutor session and accept/download the invite.Please do NOT click on the link that will generate, modify, or assign tickets. Clicking on this link may DELAY your ability to access a tutor.
5. Attend your tutoring session when scheduled.
All students will need to use the Google Chrome browser for online tutoring sessions. If a student’s only option is Firefox then they can try disabling add-ons for better functionality. An iPad app also is available. For more information about tutoring options, contact Dr. DeEadra Albert-Green at [email protected].