NOTE: Austin Community College District (ACC) hosted a special Campus Conversation on Workday on Friday, May 7. ACC Executive Vice President of Finance & Administration Neil Vickers joined other area experts to share information about the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and what it means for employees at ACC. A recording of the conversation will be posted to the Campus Conversations web page

What’s Happening Now

Beginning April 2021, ACC will debut a new Workday informational website where you can track progress and get updates about how the new system may impact you as an employee at ACC.

Workday will replace much of what employees are used to doing through Colleague. It also will replace other frequently used tools such as eTime, eHire, and eBudget. The system can provide automatic notification triggers for tasks, events, and approvals, and give managers new insight into processes so they know when and where things get stuck.

Why This is Happening

Implementing Workday aligns with ACC’s strategic plan goal to provide effective and efficient operations and infrastructure by modernizing critical systems. Workday can improve the user experience, automate processes, and provide coherent, consistent, and relevant data to support the college’s short- and long-term goals.

Workday resources and training opportunities will be available soon. To learn more and to follow the progress, visit