NOTE: The college has taken steps to improve its survey process. Read the latest here.  

Austin Community College District (ACC) is monitoring progress on the Chancellor’s Priority #6, which calls for building “a supportive culture of collaboration, connection, and caring (3 Cs) in a manner that improves internal communications and transparency and increases employee and student satisfaction with college operations.”

The Office of Institutional Research and Analytics (OIRA) will issue an Employee Climate Check-In survey this month to learn more about how engaged and satisfied you are with your employment at the college. The survey is designed to complement the college’s regular employee climate survey — which is conducted every two years. 

Here’s what you should know:

  • The Employee Climate Check-In Survey will be shorter than usual! The “check-in” survey will focus on issues most closely related to the 3 Cs like communication, workplace culture, resources, and workplace environment.
  • We want the data to be actionable! We are adding new questions to be able to disaggregate responses by large divisions within the college to help cabinet-level supervisors understand how to help their areas move forward.
  • We want the data to be candid! Your feedback will be kept anonymous and confidential. We use an external survey collection form (FormSite) to ensure only two members of the Office of Institutional Research and Analytics can access the raw data. All responses are anonymous,  and results are reported at the group level only (employee group, race/ethnicity, etc.). No employees will be identified or connected to their data in any reports of the survey findings.  

The survey is expected to launch Monday, April 19. The regular employee climate survey is still scheduled to go out in spring 2022.