Planning for ACC’s proposed Free Tuition Program continues. After first hearing about the proposal during a Board Work Session in January 2024 and then getting an update at the February Work Session, the Board of Trustees asked for a deeper look at how a program like this could happen at ACC, including its initial implementation and opportunities to expand.

Chancellor Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart formed a series of workgroups to conduct due diligence in our planning. Seven teams were formed to closely examine and plan through various stages of implementation. 

Below, we’ll learn more about the Scheduling Workgroup, including who serves on the workgroup and the priority efforts and steps they’ve identified. 

The Board of Trustees is expected to review the committee’s work to date at its next meeting on Monday, April 1.

PurposeTo support a strong curricular start for direct-to-college (DTC) students by identifying a set of foundational courses for their first semester, leveraging proven methods for student success and completion such as corequisite courses,  8-week options and dedicated opportunities to develop an early discipline identity, and explore career interests.
Members– Co-chair: Dr. Gaye Lynn Scott, Vice Chancellor of Instruction 
– Co-chair: Dr. Elizabeth Knight, Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Programs
– Dr. David Fonken,  Science, Engineering & Math Dean
– Deshaunta Stewart (preferred first name of Stewart), Liberal Arts – Social and Behavioral Sciences Dean
– Dr. Matthew Daude, Liberal Arts – Humanities & Communications Dean
– Susan Burkhauser, Institutional Research Director
– Donald Jackson, Human Resources Business Partner
– Dr. Jonathan Tyner, Student Affairs Dean
– Olga Eckert, Student Affairs Dean
– Tung Huynh, Enrollment Management Senior Analyst
– Erika Jaquez, Student Affairs Process Analyst
– Dr. Tony Wright, Student Affairs Dean
– Rosalind Blackstar, Access and Disability Support Executive Dean
What we plan to do Goals 
1. Data Analysis | Collect and analyze DTC student course data from the previous three years.

2. Clarify Offerings | Identify recommended first-semester course packages for first-time-in-college students with and without dual credit coursework, ensuring early engagement with a Student Success course where appropriate.

3. Connect to Pathways | Ground initial course packages in connection to a program/career pathway and instructional department.

4. Systematize Process | Clarify methods for early, ongoing, and dynamic partnership with enrollment management/onboarding and advising.

Current Action Items
1. DTC data from fall 2021, 2022, and 2023 have been collected and analyzed. Developing plans for pathway-focused class assignments and advising opportunities in EDUC 1300.

2. Collaboration with Enrollment Management on weekly data sharing during fall registration.

3. Building a plan for tactical changes to course schedule during registration.

4. Building a plan for additional faculty hiring as needed to meet the needs of DTC students.

View the full list of workgroups here.