A message from Austin Wood, Employee Relations Officer

This edition of the ERO Open Forum offers a focus on sharing! We will present mid-year data on concerns brought forward.

Mid-Year Data Review

Once a year, the Employee Relations Office produces a report on trends of resolution and outcomes. As your Employee Relations Officer (ERO), I am continually analyzing data to best support the college. This mid-year data review reflects cases from August 24, 2023 – December 20, 2023.

Total unique circumstances 75
Individuals supported175

Breakdown of Case Types

The breakdown of ERO case types shows that the most common outreach to the ERO is for Performance Management support, which makes up 42% of all case types. These are cases in which supervisors receive guidance on identifying clear and measurable ways to define success for an employee that is consistent across the college. 

In the spirit of ongoing process improvement, ACC Human Resources (HR) has expanded its headcount to support our college operations with the performance management process. Throughout the spring semester, we will continue to collaborate with HR as we transition performance management to their oversight. Be sure to keep up with the latest edition of HR’s newsletter, happyhr, for updates.

The second most common ERO case type is Consultations, which was previously the most common case type as shown in the 2022-23 Equal Opportunity Compliance Annual Report. Consultations include instances in which employees are looking for guidance on processes or policies prior to a formal action, such as submitting a formal grievance or engaging in performance management for an employee. If an employee takes action after consulting with the ERO, this consultation is then reclassified as either a Grievance or a Performance Management case.

While formal employee grievances are trending slightly higher than this time last year, it is still the least common case type. For comparison, in fall 2022 we saw 14 formal grievances compared to 17 formal grievances in fall 2023. Often, issues that initially present as grievances, are deescalated to the satisfaction of all parties. Through collaboration with Human Resources, the Ombudsperson, and the Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance, employees are empowered to identify and achieve effective solutions.

Top 5 ERO Inquiries

Analysis of the top inquiries in ERO cases is aligned with the increase in cases related to Performance Management, such as unsatisfactory employee performance, attendance issues, and insubordination. We will be working closely with HR to ensure continuity as they begin managing performance management. 

In next month’s ERO Open Forum, we’ll provide options for formal and informal resolution. Addressing concerns or situations early prevents escalation and helps maintain a respectful environment.

Need one-on-one support? Employees can schedule a convenient time to connect through the ERO Calendly. Guidance around the Employee Grievance process can be found within the Resolution of an Employee Grievance (Administrative Rule) and corresponding Guidelines/Procedures.