To ensure a smooth and successful start to the year, there are some important processes and reminders ACC Information Technology would like to share with you:

Accounts and Network Access for New Employees

For our new faculty and staff members, we understand that getting started in a new environment can be overwhelming. 

To help you hit the ground running, please remember to initiate your account and network access requests. Our IT team is here to assist you in getting all the necessary credentials to access college systems, emails, and other essential resources.

For all new hires, domain credentials are required. Managers and supervisors should submit a New User Login Request form.

New Hardware and Software Requests

As the academic landscape evolves, so do the tools and technologies we use. 

If you require new software or hardware to support your academic or administrative tasks, we encourage you to submit your requests promptly. Our IT department will review your needs and strive to provide you with the best solutions to enhance your productivity.

Service Requests for IT Issues

We understand that technology can sometimes be unpredictable. Our IT technicians are here to address any technical challenges you may encounter. 

To streamline the process, we kindly ask you to submit an IT Service Request for the following issues:

Network Connection Problems: Should you face any difficulties connecting to the campus network, our IT experts will work diligently to resolve the issue and ensure you stay connected throughout the semester.

Phone Systems Not Operational: If your office phone experiences any glitches or is not working at all, let us know immediately so that we can get it up and running to keep you connected with colleagues and students.

Printers Are Offline: We understand the importance of printing work and academic materials. If you encounter any issues with printers, please inform us so that we can restore their functionality swiftly.

Unable to Login Due to Password Issues: Password-related problems can be frustrating. If you have trouble logging into your accounts, reach out to our IT support, and we’ll help you regain access efficiently and securely.

Monitors Not Working Properly: If you experience any display issues with your computer monitors, our technicians will be there to investigate and resolve the problem promptly.

Missing Peripherals: Your comfort and productivity are essential to us. If any peripherals or necessary equipment are missing from your workspace, please submit a Service Request and we can help address and direct your needs.

Office Relocation Assistance: If you’re moving offices or facing any technical challenges during the relocation process, our IT team is here to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

Simply submit an IT Service Request, and we will assist you with breaking down your computer and peripherals. If you need help setting everything back up in your new location, submit a new ticket for your new location, and we will set it all back up for you.