ACCTV has started production on the new season of “Ready, Set, Ascender!“

This bilingual talk show explores Latinx culture, education, and community at ACC and in Central Texas. Guests range from first-generation college students, faculty and staff mentors, and community organizations who share their stories, initiatives, and information about upcoming events. 

This show is co-produced with Ascender and ACC Student Affairs and is hosted by Alejandra Polcik and Diana Gorostieta Martinez. We sat down with Alejandra to learn more about the show, her work with Ascender, and discover how we can all get involved in improving outcomes for our Latinx students. 

What most excited you about being a part of “Ready, Set, Ascender!”
I love what we do! We enjoy supporting our Riverbats, and our goal is to witness their success. I believe that the show provides us with an opportunity to convey our passion and energy. Additionally, I am fond of the fact that we conduct the show in a bilingual format, reflecting the diversity of our students and the growing cultural exchange between the English- and Spanish-speaking communities. Our show is a unique and fresh initiative, uniting these two worlds and facilitating mutual learning.

Why do you think a show like “Ready, Set, Ascender!” is important for our community?
It is important because we share our culture and the success stories of our students. The show’s essence lies in the spirit of sharing, where we discuss various positive aspects, such as the resources our college offers and uplifting news that impacts our community. Recently, we have begun featuring stories from individuals outside of ACC, and I find this particularly rewarding as it allows people to discover the hidden treasures within Austin.

Behind the scenes of the ACCTV taping of “Ready Set Ascender!” inside Studio B at the Highland Campus. (Alejandra Polcik, left, and Diana Gorostieta Martinez, right)

Tell us about a favorite moment or memory from set? 
I enjoy working with Diana, and we have a great time together. There was a time when we had to repeat an artist’s last name because she mispronounced it, but Diana is so professional that we had to look at one other and wish we could laugh so hard, but we couldn’t. We were at last able to discuss it and laugh heartily after the show. 

What topics are you most excited about exploring on the program?  
I’m excited to talk about Ascender and all of the resources the college offers. In addition, I can’t wait to learn more about the contributions made by external organizations that greatly improve the city we live in.

You’ve helped mentor students at ACC for years through Ascender. What is one thing you wish every student knew when they started their college journey?
That mentors greatly aid in helping them to reach their full potential, and that they are strong, intelligent, and talented. I often remind mentors that they are the Dumbledores, the Jedis, and the warriors who have fought battles and are now leading the next generation. I hope students will always recognize the value of having a mentor. 

What’s one thing you think every employee at ACC should know about how we can better serve our Latinx students? 
That one tiny gesture of kindness can alter a student’s path. Becoming a mentor is one of the most powerful ways to make a positive impact on the world. 

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