A message from Austin Wood, Employee Relations Officer

In last month’s ERO Open Forum, we asked employees to submit a short and anonymous survey on the topics they would like to learn more about.

In the next Forum and in other upcoming editions, responses will be provided as we work with our partners in areas such as Human Resources (HR), the Office of the Ombudsperson, and other departments to clarify. 

Here are the first two topics, which are related to HR processes.

Topic: Identifying the appropriate office or individuals to address remote work opportunities.

Response: The ACC Telework Policy (AR 4.0300.11) provides guidance on how to determine remote work eligibility. The policy states: “The College will make available opportunities for telework when it is in the best interest of ACC, meets the needs of ACC’s business operations, supports staff productivity, and supports student success.” 

While this is a frequently discussed topic, remember remote or hybrid work is a privilege that is best determined by your immediate supervisor and the current need for departmental operations. The ERO can support supervisors in developing a practice for approving remote work that is consistent and equitable.

Topic: Understanding employee options to file a grievance for a termination.

Response: All College employees, including Adjunct Faculty, Full-time Faculty, Temporary/Hourly, Classified, Professional/Technical, and Administrators, have the right to file a grievance against their termination. Recently terminated employees can email the ERO to file a grievance at [email protected]

Submit A Topic

It’s not too late to ask the ERO a question. The short and anonymous Questions for ERO survey helps shape future communications. What do you want to know regarding college policies, processes, culture, best practices, or something that impacts your work environment?

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Employee Grievances Update

Updated and signed on September 20, 2023, Administrative Rule 4.0702.01 – The Resolution of an Employee Grievance has been adopted by the college and is posted on the Administrative Rules Directory.

Updates to the policy include:

  • Shifting submission deadlines to 15 business days (Monday-Friday and excluding holidays) from the previous deadline of 30 calendar days. This revised time frame allows for the college to respond to employee needs in a more efficient and timely manner. 
  • Removed the Level 3 Appeal Committee to allow for a direct review of the grievance by the chancellor’s designee. The Level 3 process formerly included an appeals committee that would make a recommendation to the chancellor. This fosters fairness and consistency and allows the chancellor’s designee to review the grievance appeal and make a recommendation.
  • Dissolved the Grievance Review Council and charges the Employee Relations Officer with annually reporting on the state of the employee grievance process, to include trends of grievance topics and resolutions, and any recommendations for improvement. The report will be compiled as part of the Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance Annual Report distributed each fall semester.  

Guidance around the Employee Grievance process can be found within the Resolution of an Employee Grievance (Administrative Rule) and corresponding Guidelines/Procedures.