ACC partners with Seedling Mentors, a nonprofit that supports children challenged by parental incarceration, to make a brighter future for Austin area students. Seedling is looking for volunteers to serve as mentors and meet with the child they’re connected to on a weekly basis during that child’s school lunch hour.

ACC employees are encouraged to consider this community service opportunity. Employees will receive normal pay for the time spent participating, including travel time to and from their assigned school.

Employees who sign up should obtain written approval from their direct supervisor prior to participating in the program and be in good standing. No action is required within Workday to cover time associated with participation. [email protected] can assist with any questions regarding wages and hours of work.

Employees who wish to learn more can sign up for an information session. Lunch will be provided to those who register and attend in person.

Northridge Campus (Hybrid Session)
Tuesday, October 24 | 12 p.m.
Room 2242
Click here to join virtually

Highland Campus (Hybrid Session)
Wednesday, October 25 | 12 p.m.
Room 1. 2209
Click here to join virtually

Riverside Campus (Hybrid Session)
Thursday, October 26 | 12 p.m.
Room 9135
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Virtual Sessions
Friday, October 27 | 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
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To register for these sessions and receive Professional Development Credit, click HERE or search “Seedling Mentor Program Info Session” in Workday.