ACC hosts the Racial Wealth Gap Forum on Friday, October 6, from 1-3 p.m to foster meaningful conversations around racial wealth disparities within the Black community. This event also will provide updates on the outcomes and results of ACC’s Gaining Momentum Program. 

Racial Wealth Gap Forum

Date: Friday, October 6
Time: 1-3 p.m.
Location: ACC Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center | Highland Campus, Building 4000, Room 4.2205
Registration Required: RSVP HERE

The Racial Wealth Gap Forum is an opportunity for the ACC community, with a particular emphasis on Black students, to come together, deepen their understanding of this critical issue, and inspire collaborative action. It aims to launch meaningful conversations, shared experiences, and diverse perspectives to contribute to the collective pursuit of a more equitable future for everyone.

The event will feature speaker Mechele Dickerson, professor and author of the insightful book “Homeownership and America’s Financial Underclass: Flawed Premises, Broken Promises, New Prescriptions.” She shares her expertise on financial vulnerability, racial and economic disparities, and the urgent need to bridge the wealth gap. Her work challenges conventional assumptions and offers innovative solutions to address wealth disparities within marginalized communities.

This event is free and open to ACC students, faculty, and staff, as well as the community. Staff may receive professional development credit by registering via Workday.

To learn more and RSVP, visit

About ACC’s Gaining Momentum Program

The Gaining Momentum Program, led by Ayeesha Green, ACC Financial Wellness Coordinator, and driven by ACC’s Student Money Management Office, is specifically designed to assist Black students who face the detrimental and structural impacts of racial disparities in building wealth. This comprehensive program offers a range of financial wellness services tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities Black students encounter.

Since its launch in January 2022, 79 Black students have successfully completed the program. Participants have benefited by engaging in live webinars covering essential financial topics, interactive online modules to deepen their financial knowledge, and personalized one-on-one sessions with a dedicated financial coach who helps tailor debt repayment and credit-building plans to their specific needs.

The transformative power of the Gaining Momentum Program is evident through the 92% increase in participants’ financial knowledge, as reflected in post-test scores. Furthermore, 71% of students have reported an improvement in their financial well-being six months after completing the program.