Lowering the risk of life’s obstacles derailing higher education plans, registration remains open for students enrolling in the all-new 8-week pathway for Austin Community College District’s (ACC) Associate of Science in Business Administration degree (BUA). The program is offered conveniently at the Northridge Campus. 

Key Program Highlights

  • Accelerated Learning: With the 8-week class format, students can earn the same amount of credit hours while taking fewer classes at once, enabling them to stay on track and make significant progress toward their degree.
  • Enhanced Student Success: Helps students earn credits faster and overcome potential roadblocks, ensuring equitable access to social and economic mobility pathways.
  • Flexible Schedule: Research has shown that students enrolled in 8-week courses tend to complete more semester credit hours on average, with increased student persistence, retention, and completion rates. The program allows students to fit classes into their busy schedules effectively.
  • Concentrated Academic Experience: Students can focus on fewer classes at a time, leading to greater engagement, understanding, and academic success.
  • Extensive Course Offerings at the Northridge Campus: While ACC offers various 8-week course options across multiple campuses and online formats, the Northridge Campus stands out as the hub for the most robust course offerings across all subjects.
  • Comprehensive Student Support Services: ACC is committed to ensuring students’ success by providing access to a wide range of support services, including free tutoring, academic coaching, advising, counseling, technology support, and more.
  • Full-Time Financial Aid Benefits: Enrolling in at least 12 classes over the semester in the 8-week courses makes students eligible for full-time financial aid benefits.

Fall registration is still open, and classes start on Monday, August 21. 

For more information on 8-week classes, visit austincc.edu/8week.