Encourage your students to accomplish more this summer at Austin Community College District (ACC). Registration is now open to everyone for summer courses. The summer semester begins Tuesday, May 30, with 5-, 9-, and 10-week class options. 

Why Take Summer Classes

  • Graduate faster: Taking classes over the summer allows you to earn more credits in a shorter time frame, so you can graduate faster.
  • More availability: Fewer students enroll in the summer, giving you a better chance to get into those popular and in-demand classes for your degree.
  • Get more one-on-one time with faculty: Class sizes are even smaller in the summer, giving you easier access to more face time with your professors.
  • Great time to knock out tougher courses: A full- and part-time load is lighter in the summer, letting students concentrate on tougher classes with fewer distractions.
  • Give yourself some breathing room: Taking summer classes can give you more wiggle room in the following semesters by knocking out needed classes. That extra breathing room can improve your school-life balance by lightening your academic load.
  • Avoid the brain drain: Students who take the summer off often experience learning loss, making it harder to get back on track in the fall. Continuity of your education keeps you on track to complete your goals.
  • Master a new skill: Summer classes allow the freedom to explore a new skill or re-energize your school or work life. It is a great time to learn something new.

Students also get free access to the college’s full suite of student support services and student life activities. Unlimited 1-on-1 tutoring, advising, academic coaching, library services, and more are free to all students.

ACC staff are ready to work with students 1-on-1 to help them apply and register. For information about getting started, have students visit austincc.edu/summer.