Faculty, staff, and students can expect new campus safety measures to take effect when the college reopens following the winter break. Starting January 3, 2023, ACC campus and center buildings will operate with identified main entrances.

All students and visitors on campus may only enter a building through these primary access points during normal business hours. 

All other building doors will operate under access-control technology. These doors will automatically lock from the outside and require an approved ACC-issued employee ID card to gain entry — even during regular operating hours. Note that every door will continue to function as an exit point from the building.

“Establishing primary access points for every college building is an important preventive safety measure that aligns with federal best practices,” says Dr. Molly Beth Malcolm, ACC executive vice chancellor of Operations & Public Affairs. “By limiting access points into our buildings, ACC can better identify those who should be on the campus and provide an opportunity to expedite searches in the event of a suspicious item or person.” 

To ensure a smooth and seamless transition, employees are asked to be prepared with the following:

ACC-issued employee ID card | All faculty and staff will need to display an ACC ID card while on campus. If you don’t have one, please visit this link to obtain an ACC Employee ID card.

Learn the designated entrances | Each building will have a designated entrance or entrances depending upon the size of the building. These doors will be open during business hours for students and visitors. Faculty and staff may use other entrances. If your ACC ID card is not allowing access, please reach out to your Campus Manager so it can be updated.

Process for students & visitors | All students, visitors, and any employee without their ID card must visit the Campus Manager’s office upon arrival. Here, they will be able to sign in and obtain a temporary badge for the day.

Details about the main access locations for all buildings will be posted to individual campus webpages, on the InfoHub, and made available with on-campus signage.