The Austin Community College District (ACC) Board of Trustees met for its regular meeting on Monday, October 3, to learn about new, innovative training for the ACC Police Department and review wayfinding solutions on campus.

Below are highlights from the meeting.

ACCPD Officers’ Commendations, Innovative Training, Awards, and Promotions Report

ACC’s District Police Department (ACCDPD) presented a report to the board on innovative training, awards, and promotions over the past six months. During this time, ACCDPD officers participated in 17 different training opportunities. The department ranged in force from 75 to 91 officers over the last six months.

Training highlights include:

  • Gracie Survival Tactics Training: Defensive tactics system based on the practices of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
  • Use-of-Force Instructor Training Program: Provide knowledge and skills to design, develop, and implement Use-of-Force training.
  • Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Instructor Certification: Develop skills to quickly and effectively de-escalate a situation with a close-range subject.
  • Active Shooter Response for School-Based Law Enforcement: Effective methods for rapid response and successful neutralization of active assailants in a school environment.
  • Active Shooter Response: Train officers with proper techniques and procedures when responding to an active shooter event on campus.
  • Equity Training: Course program that combines emotional and social intelligence skill-building lessons for officers.

ACCDPD plans to continue to incorporate the latest and best practices into its training. 

Chancellor’s Remarks

ACC Chancellor Dr. Richard Rhodes provided highlights and accomplishments at the college in the past month. 

ACC was named the Best College/University in the region by a community-wide vote through the Austin American-Statesman’s 2022 Best of the Best Awards. 

ACC was one of only nine institutions nationwide to earn recertification for the National Seal of Excelencia by Excelencia in Education. The certificate recognizes the college’s ongoing work to support and serve Latino and all students. 

Dr. Rhodes also discussed exciting awards for several ACC campuses. First, ACC Highland was awarded three Stars of Distinction for Excellence by the Texas Association of School Administrators and the Texas Association of School Boards for its design, value, and transformation. Second, Rio Grande Campus received Platinum-Level LEED Certification, the highest certification possible for its sustainable design and construction.

The board also heard from Dr. Rhodes about two new grants awarded to the college. This includes a $4 million, four-year grant called Child Care Access Means Parents in School. It will be used to support students with children. The second grant is a $1.1 million five-year project called Rise to Success. The grant will support students in inner-city East Austin.  

Finally, Dr. Rhodes shared exciting news about student success at ACC. New data shows the college’s graduation rate is up. According to preliminary data, more than 22 percent of full-time students who began school in fall 2019 completed their program in or before 2022.

Wayfinding Services at ACC Highland Campus

Trustees authorized ACC administrators to pursue a contract to improve wayfinding at ACC Highland Campus. The contract will include a signage plan to improve navigation.

District-Wide Primary Depository Banking Services

The board approved a new districtwide primary depository banking service with JPMorgan Chase Bank. The company was selected from seven bids based on a three-step solicitation process to determine the best value. JPMorgan Chase Bank will serve as the bank for checking, savings, and transferring funds for the college.