Austin Community College District (ACC) Trustees voted to keep tuition and fee rates unchanged for 2022-23 to help make college more affordable for more students. The decision came during the Board’s regular meeting on Monday, April 4. It marks a milestone for ACC. For nine straight years, Trustees have voted to maintain in-district tuition and fees and in recent years have voted to lower out-of-district fees. 

“ACC’s tuition remains the lowest and most affordable in Central Texas. The Board of Trustees wants to continue to encourage our citizens to attend college and get the skills they need to succeed. Therefore, there was a unanimous decision by the Board of Trustees to maintain our tuition at the present level. I am proud of this entire board for its commitment to our students and their educational journey,” says Dr. Nan McRaven, ACC Board of Trustees chair.

In-district students at ACC pay $67 in tuition per credit hour — with fees, it comes out to just $85 per credit hour. According to the 2022-23 rates published by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, ACC’s tuition is the lowest in the region and among high-demand institutions.

In-District Cost for One Year of College (30 Credit Hours)
ACC: $2,550
Texas A&M: $11,642
University of Texas: $10,858
Texas State University: $11,860
Alamo Community College: $3,112
Texas State Technical College: $6,870

“At ACC, we’ve been careful to manage our resources so that we can make decisions like this one and alleviate at least some of the financial strains of college,” says Neil Vickers, executive vice chancellor of Finance and Administration. “Making the decision early about our tuition rates for fall gives our students more time to make plans for their career and educational goals.”  

The approved rates go into effect for the fall semester. Registration for fall classes begins May 16 for current and former students and opens May 31 for new students.