Austin Community College District (ACC) Trustees approved an $85 million maintenance bond program at their November regular meeting that will allow for improvement projects at Eastview and Northridge campuses.


Enhancements to the Northridge Campus (NRG) will focus on Buildings 3000 and 4000. Renovations include improvements to the roof, bathrooms, and accessibility and will happen in two phases:

Phase I: Renovate Northridge Campus, Building 3000 to become a permanent home for CE short-term (Fast Track) training programs

  • In summer 2021, many CE programs moved from Highland Business Center to NRG Building 3000 with classes beginning in fall 2021.
  • Plans are to turn NRG Building 3000 into a permanent CE training space. 
  • Construction on NRG Building 3000 begins at the end of spring 2022.
  • While renovations are underway, CE programs will need to relocate into NRG Building 4000.
  • Construction is expected to take approximately 12 months. 
  • NRG Building 3000 is slated to reopen in fall 2023. 

Phase II: Renovate Northridge Campus, Building 4000

  • Once CE moves back into NRG Building 3000 in fall 2023, construction is slated to start on NRG Building 4000.
  • In preparation, programming and design will begin in spring 2022.
  • Plans currently include a new Asian American Cultural Center, ACCelerator/Learning Lab, and Student Welcome Center.
  • There will also be a focus on facilities and learning spaces for the college‚Äôs Business area of study.

In addition to keeping programs in Buildings 1000 and 2000, plans are to retain space for the campus Testing Center, Computer Science labs, and a presence for Art programs.


The college is still working on the academic and health partnering pieces that will define what will happen with the spaces that were vacated when programs moved to their new spaces in Highland Campus, Building 2000. Once those pieces are better defined, the college will start its programming effort.

Learn more about the bond program at the Campus Conversation on ACC Facilities on December 10, 2021.