A mural by artist, poet, and motivational speaker Brian Joseph has been completed at Austin Community College District’s (ACC) new Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center (TRHT).

The large, colorful mural features the Bydee people, fictitious characters Joseph created 35 years ago to bring joy and happiness to the world. Bydee is an acronym for Bringing You Delightful Entertaining Experiences. 

Joseph’s art focuses on education and promotes diversity and positivity in general. 

Leveraging the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center to educate, enable, and mobilize members of our college and community to advance equity and inclusion efforts is part of the chancellor’s 2021-22 priorities to reduce equity gaps. 

The TRHT Center opens this semester to the ACC community at ACC Highland Campus, Building 4000. A ribbon-cutting celebration is being planned for the spring semester when the college hopes to open the doors to the public. 

Joseph will be a featured speaker during THRT Week in January 2022 share his vision of the mural and how it ties into ACC and the TRHT mission. More details coming soon.

View a slideshow of the mural’s progress below.