The following new and updated administrative rules (AR) were recently signed into effect by ACC Chancellor, Dr. Richard Rhodes: 

The rules have been posted on the Administrative Rules Directory. To view a rule in the directory, click on the accompanying red star.

About Administrative Rules

ACC is administered through a system of administrative rules (AR), which are informed by Board policy. These rules need to be updated occasionally due to various reasons, such as changes to administrative or operational practices, organizational structure, laws, or legal codes.

ACC’s shared governance model establishes two councils to review changes to these rules: 

  • Administrative Services Council 
  • Academic and Student Affairs Council

A third council, the Shared Governance Review Council, reviews and presents recommendations to the chancellor with respect to the structure, functions, and membership of councils and committees at ACC.

After a change is proposed to the respective council, it is presented to the ACC community. Employees have at least 20 days to comment on a proposed change. 

After reviewing the feedback, the appropriate council can either send it to the chancellor to be signed, or, if there are significant changes, it can be sent out for comment again.