The Full-Time Faculty Senate and the Adjunct Faculty Association have established the Faculty Emergency Fund to provide financial support for ACC faculty members who face catastrophic situations that affect their ability to perform their jobs or prevent them from fulfilling their teaching and administrative duties.

Qualifying Examples

  • Significant uncovered medical expenses related to self, spouse, partner, or child
  • Loss of housing due to natural disaster, fire, etc.
  • Terminal illness expenses


  • Faculty or faculty representative completes Request for Faculty Emergency Fund Form.
  • Collect documentation of illness or natural disaster (e.g., medical forms, insurance forms, government forms, etc.) and provide a letter of details of the situation.
  • Send Request form, documentation, and letter to Vice Chancellor of Human Resources or the committee chair.
  • The VC of Human Resources will send the information to the committee chair.
  • The committee reviews the information and makes a decision within five days of the date that the committee receives the information.
  • If the committee declines the request, it will notify the faculty member within 24 to 48 hours of the decision.
  • If the committee approves the request, it will notify the faculty member and request disbursement of the funds within 24 to 48 hours of the decision. The request to disburse the funds will be sent by the Committee Chair to the Executive Vice Chancellor, Finance and Budget.


  • All full time faculty, any adjunct faculty who are currently on an eligibility list, or hourly faculty who are approved to teach who have taught in the past calendar year.

Highest Priority for Assistance

  • Faculty who have a documented disability, a catastrophic event, or terminal illness
  • Faculty who are single parents
  • Faculty members who have no financial means to cover the catastrophic situation (e.g., medical insurance, homeowners insurance, fire insurance, etc.)

Secondary Priority

  • All others


Request for Emergency Fund (PDF)
Employee Emergency Fund Payroll Deduction Form (PDF)


  • Donations can be made out to ACC. Write Faculty Emergency Fund in Memo part of a check and take to the Cashier’s office on any campus.
  • Contributions to the Faculty Emergency Fund are tax-deductible.
  • Employees may request a payroll deduction.