ACC’s equity mini-grant applications are open 2022-23. The equity mini-grant program started in fall 2020. To date, the college has distributed more than $100,000 to support innovative efforts across the college that promote excellence in equity, inclusion, and diversity.   

“Making a positive difference in equity, diversity, and inclusion is not as complicated or difficult as one may think. In fact, small, natural, and customized steps collectively done across the district will make a lasting and sustainable impact,” says Larry Davis, ACC Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer.

Equity mini-grant applications are reviewed by the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) as well as the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Center (TRHT). Grant proposals in the amount of $500-$2,500 are considered for financial assistance.

The DEI efforts must align with Chancellor and Institutional Equity goals while honoring the applicant’s respective program goals, objectives, and academic freedom.

As the college enters its third year of offering mini-grants to incentivize and strengthen internal efforts to promote more faculty, staff, and student-driven innovative DEI efforts, there have been some lessons learned.

According to Davis, some of the key lessons learned since the beginning include:

  1. There are many faculty, staff, and students extremely committed and willing to try building more equity into their practices once they realize support is available, and they can customize strategies to fit their students’ and programs’ needs; 
  2. Keeping and continuously making the process for applying for and securing a grant user-friendly and timely increases the willingness of more people to participate; and 
  3. Focusing more on how we can support the applicants in increasing the learning and engagement of their students through DEI gives peace of mind in this challenging yet rewarding work. Together, we’ll regard and use any failing efforts as learning set-ups rather than setbacks with those partners we fund. 

“The mini-grant program is grounded upon a foundation of building strengths-based relationships and growth-mindedness with the internal partners created as we approve applications. We are very confident that the equity mini-grant program will play a significant role in ACC’s efforts to create greater capacity building for diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the district for years to come,” says Davis.

2022-23 Mini-Grants Update

This year, $50,000 has been allocated for the equity mini-grants program.

As of December 2022, four applications have been received and approved:

  • The Physical Therapy Assistant program received funding to address the underrepresentation of historically underserved and marginalized student demographic population within one of its introductory courses.
  • The Biology program received funding for a keynote speaker to provide Inclusive Language and Classroom Practices tools through a Faculty Interest Group.
  • BRASS (Black Representation of Achievement through Student Support) received funding for a retention and registration event designed to invite students from multiple racial/ethnic backgrounds to participate in an educationally effective event. 
  • The college’s Peace & Conflict Studies and Health Sciences Area of Study jointly applied for and received funding to hold a series of gatherings at ACC where Iranian student Riverbats and community members can gather and process the challenging political violence taking place in and impacting their families remaining in Iran.

More than $42,100 remain available for any faculty, staff, or student program or unit to apply for a small equity mini-grant. Applications will be accepted for as long as funds last.

More information can be found HERE in the Budget section. Anyone interested in submitting an application may email Davis at [email protected] or Dr. Khayree Williams, Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center Director, at [email protected].